Over two years has passed since the mafia cops case was thrown out by Judge Weinstein, and there is finally a verdict from the appeals court. Today, September 17th, 2008 they have decided to reinstate the convictions against Louis Eppolito and Stephen Carracapa. In other words, the ex-hitmen will remain in Jail for LIFE. More importantly we finally have true closure. Words cannot describe what this means to us. We are feeling a combination of relief, closure and peace now that we know that justice has finally been served.

There is no doubt in our minds that the appelate court has made the correct decision. The case should never have been thrown out. We are grateful that we can finally say “It’s over!” 22 years later, almost two weeks after what would have been Israel Greenwalds 57th birthday, he can rest in peace knowing his killers will never see the light of day.

Deep breath…..it’s over.

PS. Today is my sister Yael’s birthday too…what a gift!.