November 26, 2008

Pablo Guzman NEW YORK (CBS) The so-called “mafia cops,” who have been convicted of eight murders, will be sentenced on Monday.

One of the victims was an innocent man, killed after authorities said the dirty cops gave the mafia the wrong address of a man with the same name.

The brother of Nicholas Guido spoke exclusively with CBS 2 HD.

“Next thing you know, the doorbell rang. It was my uncle, saying ‘Nicky’s been shot! Nicky’s been shot!’” Mike Guido recalled.

It was 1986. Mike Guido’s younger brother, Nicky, who was only 26, was gunned down in a mob hit in front of the family’s Brooklyn home.

“Well, for my dad, two and a half years after this happened with my brother, he died,” Mike Guido said, when asked what kind of strain the murder put on his family. “He passed away. He just died of a broken heart.”

The neighborhood has changed a lot in the last 22 years, but the spot where Nicholas Guido was gunned down on Christmas Day 1986, still resonates. The mafia hitman fired nine times through the window of his car. Information as to where he lived, the feds said, was supplied by Stephen Caracappa and Louis Eppolito. The problem was they gave the mafia the wrong Nick Guido.

“We didn’t know why, or how come. There was no rhyme or reason to this,” Mike Guido said. “We knew that … we knew it was a mistake. We knew … my brother was a good, clean kid, and something like this … shoulda never happened to him.”

That Nick Guido was a Gambino associate that rival Lucchese underboss Anthony “Gas Pipe” Casso thought was one of two men who had tried to shoot him. The feds said “Gas Pipe” had the two detectives, Eppolito and Caracappa, on his payroll.

“To me, they’re poor excuses for humans,” Mike Guido said. “To think that … they were given a badge to protect people and they threw that away for money.”

Next Monday, Eppolito, and Caracappa, once decorated detectives, will be brought to the Brooklyn Federal Courthouse in handcuffs. And then Judge Jack Weinstein will probably give them several life sentences.

In other words, the former detectives will probably die in prison.

Mike Guido said that while the family knew Nick was not “mob-connected,” some people in the neighborhood whispered … until the truth finally came out many years later.

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