How can one describe the feeling of having your father’s killers convicted and sentenced and then having that revoked because of a technicality. We just heard the news.

We thought it was over and that justice was finally served. We finally had closure after 20 years. They were convicted by a Jury of their peers, they were sentenced to life! There is not one person, including the judge, who does not agree that they murdered and did these heinous crimes. And yet, they can theoretically be out on a technicality.

I suppose only time will tell what will ultimately happen to these cops. Will the governments appeal be successful? Will they get tried by the state as they should be on murder charges, where there is no statute of limitations?

The drama will continue for a long time…

This past year has been a rollercoaster ride for us, and I guess the rollercoaster is still riding strong, with many twists and turns. These cops were responsible for destroying our lives when they killed my father, and we always had to be strong in order to survive. We will just have to continue to be strong as the saga continues.

We are left with nothing but faith in God that justice will ultimately be served and they will not literally get away with murder..