The city has agreed to pay $5 million to the family of a Queens jeweler who was shot to death by notorious ​”​Mob Cops​”​ Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa, according to a Wednesday Brooklyn federal court filing.

On orders from their Mafia handlers, the dirty officers targeted Israel Greeenwald because he was suspected of cooperating with the feds.

With their cruiser lights flashing, the dirty duo pulled Greenwald over in February 1986 and told him that he was the suspect in a hit-and-run investigation and needed to be placed in a police lineup.

But instead of taking him to a precinct, the cops drove him to a Brooklyn garage and murdered him there before burying his body. The corpse was finally uncovered in 2005.

Caracappa and Eppolito were paid $30,000 for their murderous handiwork.

“Losing a father at a young age is tragic,” the family said in a statement Wednesday following the settlement. “Losing a father in this manner, where he disappeared one day into thin air never to return, where there was no grave and no closure, is nothing short of horrific.”

In their suit against the city, lawyers for the family argued that the pair should have been expelled from the force long before their murderous reign kicked off.

​Eppolito and Caracappa were convicted of carrying out killings for Lucchese underboss Anthony “Gaspipe” Casso.

​The payout is the second recent seven-figure settlement footed by taxpayers to compensate victims of the two men. Pauline Pipitone, the mother of Nicholas Guido, was awarded $5 million for his shooting death on Christmas Day 1986.

The innocent man was slain after gunmen targeted him based on bad information provided by the cops.

Several other victims of Eppolito and Caracappa have pending civil cases against the city.

They are both serving life terms for their crimes.