Happy 10th Birthday!

25th Jun 2015 Comments Off on Happy 10th Birthday!

Yesterday was my daughter Meira’s 10th birthday. I was pregnant with her when I got the news that they found my Father’s body. I needed to get special permission to fly […]

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Chapter 1 – April Fools

5th Jun 2015 Comments Off on Chapter 1 – April Fools

CHAPTER 1:  APRIL FOOLS  “I think they found his body.” I am 32 weeks pregnant, sitting uncomfortably on the bathroom floor, bathing my three year old daughter and two year […]

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Chapter 2-1986-Before

4th Jun 2015 Comments Off on Chapter 2-1986-Before

1986 was the year of disasters. That year the Challenger exploded killing its entire crew including a young teacher named Sharon Christa Corrigan. It was also the year of the […]

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